Smartbon Hugendubel

The first sales receipt with an individual book recommendation.

The traditional book trade is facing a problem. The number of visitors to the online shops of book stores are low. Hugendubel, a Bavarian family company, wanted to change this and asked us to revitalise its online shop in a smart way. How did we achieve this? By using a tool accessible to all our shoppers:

The sales receipt.


A book is purchased. Our software is able to recommend relevant books to the customer based on their purchase – just like an online shop.

An extract from the recommended book is printed on the sales receipt. This gives the reader an immediate first impression of the recommended title.

The customer can scan a QR code to go directly to the item in question in the Hugendubel online shop. Making it easier for them to buy another purchase.


„Customers who bought this item also bought: ...“

During payment, the ISBN code is transmitted to the API of the Hugendubel online shop’s recommendation engine. This identifies all similar books and selects the best matches based on popularity. A Google Books API is then triggered based on the title selected. Google Books contains extracts of most documented books in its database. This extract is put together, sent back to Hugendubel, and then portrayed on the sales receipt together with the book cover from the Hugendubel database.